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Things to Do in Anegada

Anegada is a beautiful island that remains a part of the British Virgin Islands. With such a unique place to explore, you probably already have a bucket list for when you arrive.

But in case you don't feel it's complete, here are some of the top activities that our guests love.
Discover the Lookout Points
There are several amazing trails that have gorgeous panoramic views of the island, the horizon, and everything in between.

One of our favorites has to be Flamingo Pond Lookout, but you can also venture to Pomato Point and check out Setting Point as well.
Beach Activities
With some of the most gorgeous white sand beaches you can find, Anegada is paradise for those wanting to get the sand between their toes.

Go snorkeling, swimming, crab hunting, or sun tanning in total peace. It's the perfect beach destination.
Jeep & Truck Rentals
The Anegada Reef Hotel with Out & About Rentals have a wide variety options of Jeeps & Trucks with Roof Tops. What better way to explore our island paradise. Visit the most popular beaches in comfort. Their bright colors provide a fun and safe way of getting around. They have become the first choice for sight seeing on Anegada.
Sunset Bar
Anegada boasts some of the best sunsets and they can all be captured right here at our "Sunset Bar". Enjoy our wide selection of cocktails and enjoy the magnificence of our sunsets while we wait for "green flash."